Boehm Eb clarinets - Do they exist in India?

March 19, 2010 1:14am CST
Do they exist in India? I am a music teacher and I just can't seem to fine Boehm Eb clarinets anywhere that are not over $800! What I do find are Albert system clarinets which do not have the same key system. I have a 8 year old student that this type of clarinet would be perfect for. Help!!
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• India
19 Mar 10
hey i am a musician from india and want to tell you that e flat does exist in india because now a days people here perfer electronic intruments like guitar and keybord.
• Israel
21 Mar 10
Can you give me a website that I can visit to see what clarinets are available? Then the next question is how to ship it! Thanks for your comment.