Does anyone know if sonny is leaving the show?

United States
March 22, 2010 9:07pm CST
I am trying to figure out if sonny will be found guilty. If he does this means he will be leaving the show. I do hope his son finds out soon he was not guilty of killing Claudia. Sonny is guilty of a lot of things but not this.
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@Liasonfan (1702)
• Canada
23 Mar 10
If Sonny (Maurice Benard) was leaving General Hospital, I am sure we would all hear about it well in advance, giftsandbags. None of the spoilers have mentioned it or GH News, etc. Sonny will get off scot free like usual and yep Dante will eventually find out that Michael was the one who actually killed Claudia. Of that I have no doubts. Sonny's storyline is in fact just heating up, because he and Keifer will both 'blow their stacks' when they find out Kristina does not want to press charges against Ethan. Spencer/Cassadine war part 2000 is commencing. Like that's what we want to see. NOT! With Sonny and Luke both at war, no one will be watching Helena wage her own little war againt Elizabeth and the Spencers as well. But I don't really think that will kick into high gear until after Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) gets back from real life maternity leave. Her baby is due in August and I am not sure how long her actual mat leave is. But with Jason and Lucky becoming such good 'buds' I am sure they will band together to protect Liz and all the kids against Nikolas and Helena. Should be interesting to say the least!
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25 Mar 10
I did not know liz was having a baby. That is rally nice to know. I hope sonny gets off to a good place with his son.