Learning Instruments

@DCMerkle (1281)
United States
March 27, 2010 5:41pm CST
Has anyone ever learned to play an instrument? When I was in elementary school I learned how to play the clarinet, but it was too expensive to rent for my parents, so I gave that up in my 3rd year. Then I learned guitar. Bought my own and loved it. I also married a musician and had guitar's all around me. Right now, I am teaching myself to play harmonica. Whether I get real good on that or not I'm still having fun playing it.
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@champan (513)
• Argentina
27 Mar 10
I learn floute and keyboards at school. Then i decided to buy (when i was 9 ) a guitar and i learn on my own. Later i learn harmonica and bass. And i think maybe the next ones could be sitar and banjo :).
• Philippines
28 Mar 10
I am trying to learn the guitar for how many years now and it was still difficult for me but I can play some songs. How did you learn on your own?
@champan (513)
• Argentina
28 Mar 10
Well, i learned a lot from playing the keyboards, i got familiar with each sound, each note. So i tried to find similarities between all the notes in one scale, with every string (without pushing them with your left hand, then with 1st,2nd,3rd freat and on... in each string ) In that way its also easy because with pianos or keyboards you know (visually) where you have a tone between two notes, and where you have a semitone. Then i practice a lot with the speed that i play each note, which really helps (specially if you like to play or make guitar solos ) I learned the chords from a friend and some scales. And from there i tried watching lots of live performances videos, which really helped a lot. Try to develop your ear, listen to lots of guitar playing. And you will get used to the sounds, and then you will see its more easy to play any song, figuring it out by yourself. And better if you add some speed and coordination training.
@Noth1ng (46)
• Indonesia
30 Mar 10
i love guitar ~ i learned since high school ^^ there's no need to give up, any time for what we waste for your instrument , it'll be an experience for you to be more talented
@mentalward (14695)
• United States
28 Mar 10
Wow! Did you ever take me back with this discussion! I learned the clarinet in elementary school! After that, I took up the guitar, self-taught! I never tried the harmonica but I did buy a flute and learned to play that on my own. Maybe this is a Maryland thing? Good luck with your harmonica!