Detoxifying Foot Baths-Healthy? Or Hoaxy?

@sulynsi (2836)
April 10, 2010 3:42pm CST
I was invited to go have a detoxifying foot bath. Its supposed to leach all the toxins in your system out through your feet. People claim they feel better. My daughter, who works in a salon, says she doesn't know why or how, but everyone who uses it feels better. I'm like, "how can that possibly work?" Seems weird. But then, I'm no scientist. I did check out some youtube videos. You see 'toxins' making the water really icky. Brown sludgy, flecks of 'toxins" This colour means clean kidneys, that colour means clean lungs, yada yada yada. Hmmmm, and then there's the video where the kid puts the "array" in the water WITH NO FEET. Water reacts the SAME WAY! Brown scummy frothy yuckiness. How do YOU spell scam?
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