would you except your name isnt on none of the bank accounts

United States
April 11, 2010 8:55am CST
i just answer a discussion about having names on accounts at the bank. so i thought of this. and this is true.. to dumb to make it up my neice who is married, her name isnt on thier checking account at all, or even on her daughter saving account. the only people names is on it is her husband and his dad. now with me if my name isnt on those accoutns i sure not putting money in either one of those accounts. now what do you think ? would you except this not having your name on bank accounts that you put your money ?
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@nonersays (2755)
• United States
11 Apr 10
My money would NOT be going into any of those accounts. I probably woudln't stay with a man who TRIED to have a checking account without my name on it. Now, hubby and I have a checking account in both our names. We also each have a savings account in our OWN name, which we will soon change into a JOINT checking account in both of our names.
• United States
26 Apr 10
Let me think.......Not no, but he!! no. There is no way that my money would be going into an account like that. How in the world does she put up with that? Do they tell her when she can and cannot spend money too? Jeeze, no offense to you or your neice but thats out of the stone age. I think that is a decision she will really conme to regret.
@JenInTN (27565)
• United States
13 Apr 10
I might put a portion of my money in their account IF they were responsible for paying the bills but it would only be what I felt was my fair share and the rest would be in an account with my name only on it. If I was paying the bills..well..that account would have my name on it too. Or only my name and they could deposit their fair share of money into it.
@cupkitties (7270)
• United States
12 Apr 10
Thats a hard one for me. I mean I understand the point to having both names but then what happens when one partner bounces some checks? Then you both suffer for it. I think I might rather have my own account in my own name. I would have to greatly trust that person with my own life and well I have some great trust issues.
@checkmail (2042)
• India
12 Apr 10
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Hello syankee525 this discussion seems some confusing as mostly without knowing an person name in bank we could not proceed with any financial transaction.Its only faith that might allow us to do such an transaction for our loved ones.Mostly if am still having good relation would prefer to give in cash personally rather than bank. Anyways keep it up with your going, wish you luck.Happy mylotting.
• Canada
11 Apr 10
Money can become such a source of problems in a marriage :\ I don't think it's uncommon for one spouse to handle all of the budgeting and bill paying, for example, so it could be the case that only that person's name is on the checking account. In your niece's situation, though, I would NOT put up with the father-in-law's name on their bank account. Why on earth is he there? I presume your niece and her husband are capable adults? If that's the case, his father needs to be OUT of their personal money management. If they have a minor aged daughter, and she has a bank account in trust for her, I believe both parents' names should be on the account. In my relationships, I've always been the one that has handled the money... but I have never had the checking account in my name only. I would not put my money into an account that I cannot access. I believe both spouses should be able to step in and manage the household finances at any time. Each should know where all the information is kept, how and when things are paid, etc. It's impossible to know when situations will change -- someone could become ill, be hospitalized, pass away, or could need to be away for an extended time for their employment, as examples... both spouses should be able to independently run their household, as need be, in my opinion, and that means having access to bank accounts and other relevant information.