online is filling my pocket..!

Bangalore, India
April 18, 2010 11:13pm CST
now and then we have a lot of sites that pay and still there a lot of ways where all do online money, and the special thing is that even some of the people who did not go for any job and they have a great money and it is so better to hear to these is the life and we have a little fun with life...there are lot of application in the computer world that pay us well and i think i can even start a small business in the computer and the thing is that we need only have to have the idea what we are going to do and the other things will be so automatic and the next thing is that it is easy to win a lit of money in the ptc sites and other things..what we have to know is that we have to put out idea in the way and that is the thing... we will fill the packets with all the sites like survey and other things and the world is changing for the easy money and we will get a big profit without any pay and there are a lot of application..bit cool...still there a lot of time we have that we can go with and i don't think there will be a stop for this but a small change and i am waiting for that change u agree with me..?
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• United States
19 Apr 10
I totally agree I have been searching around on here for a while now not to get rich quick but just to make a little extra cash from the truck in my off time. I have yet to find anything that actaully pays anything at all. But oh well here I am tring this even if I can make enough to buy me supper once and a while this at least looks fun.
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• Bangalore, India
21 Apr 10
ya it is great to catch u up here,and earning is not the thing i want in this world as it is so stupid as animals but when i see money i cannot stop earning that so i find my lot which is so cool i earn but i enjoy a lot than i earn online...and there are a lot of friends who help me here..have fun in finding a lot of online friends so that u can know what is going on through out the world..and make a better money and have fun..