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Bangalore, India
April 19, 2010 12:02am CST
i have see a lot of people in this world but i love a great person in this world and that is my father ..all the people in the world will love their father..and not i like to say something is that if a parent have two children then the mother will love the first child as she will be so proud in having the special child as she will have a great deal of pain but so happy and thus the mother will love the first child..and the second child will be loved by the father as to show the power of him in the older age ..the world is so good in thoughts and a lot of people we have to know with hands and so i loved my parent as one among the people have u agree with me..
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• India
19 Apr 10
Hello, Welcome to myLot. I think you are already enjoying the freedom and friendliness here. And yes, I do agree with you. Our parents are the most remarkable persons we ever meet in our entire lifetime. To us they are the most beloved. They love us beyond expectations and that is what makes them stand out from the rest. Now, I want to add something in this context. As long as we consider them as ideal and perfect beings there will always be a risk of spoiling things out of expectations. We should love them simply like human beings and not like God. They are the sole person who take care of us expecting nothing in return. Their love is divine and the most precious in the world. But, they are fallible and imperfect like ourselves. We shouldn't not ignore the fact. We should rather accept it and then forgive those small imperfections, as the love they give us weighs lot more than that. This approach of love often avoids any reason for disputes yet providing the best of a relationship. Thanks God bless you
• Bangalore, India
21 Apr 10
that is great then ,and i think we are going in the same line and i trust my parents that what ever they do that is good for ..and so i will get their advise and then i will plan my life with what should i have to do with things and that is it ..then i have my friends advise as i listen to all i hear and then i will tell my view then to have a better end..and my idea is to go with the parents till what we go and we believe with things what we have and then we trust them and as days we go we have to plan our life and at that time they have to know that their time is over and give their choice to their children as we all are human and we are not thinking same as our thoughts are different so it is good to have our own life and parents are a part in the life..have fun..