family or loved one

April 20, 2010 8:54pm CST
In most cases, your family disapproves your loved one. They usually criticize him/her in terms of appearance, financial status, family background, and many other things. Worst is that you have been match with your mom's amiga's son/ daughter. No matter what the good things your loved one does, it will be ignored for your mother, father, sister, brother and even your dog hates him/her. Your father would even threaten you that you will not receive any support and inheritance if you continue your relationship with him/her. Your family would even try to imprison him/her and even do more crazier things just to pull you apart. On the other side, your loved one would try to convince you to leave your family and go with him/her. She/ He will promise you that you will live happily ever after, have three kids, a good house and a successful life. What will you do in this situation, will you choose to defy your family and live with your loved one, or choose another man or girl to satisfy your family? Choose wisely.
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@AmAllen (119)
• United States
21 Apr 10
Okay I think I understand what you are saying maybe.... My mother hated my husband when we first started dating. I mean HATED him, however I was 17 and living in a different state than my mom, so oh well really, her and I weren't even on speaking terms at the time. Fast forward a few years and we are married have one child and one on the way... she would be at least cordial to my husband, even if cordial meant speaking to him in a monotone voice. Fast forward again, my mother and I slowly start repairing our relationship and she just adores my husband.. yippie... Okay so point I have is, love is not able to be determined from the outside, you have to make that decision for yourself not your family, hey even with family blessing the marriage could fail, without it you could be happily married for 70 years... you never know, you have to make your own choices, make your own mistakes and guess what when you make those mistakes you have to learn from them, families do have to give you wings, not keep them clipped and demand everything be thier way or the highway.
@ada8may21 (2419)
• Philippines
21 Apr 10
This situation is really common in most soap opera or tele novela we have nowadays. For me I would choose my love one, if he is worthy. However I am already in this situation and I choose my family over my love one or the father of my son. Because I know its not worthy to choose him, even if he is the father of my son. Because a lot of things hinders us and for a lot of reasons. If ever I'll be in this kind of situation again, I would choose my love one as long as he is worthy and he is really capable of being a good husband and father.
@replyashu (747)
• India
21 Apr 10
i do have trust on my family and my family has trust on me...... so they never disapprove any one whom i have approved.....