why asians mostly are skinny

@qamarep (4449)
May 5, 2010 10:59pm CST
hey guys i want to lose weight and i am just curious to know why the asians are mostly skinny what do they eat that makes them like this
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• Malaysia
25 Jan 12
Dear Qamarep That's an interesting observation! I will know better as I am an Asian. Specifically a Malaysian by birth but my origin is from China. My great grand father came from China to Malaysia. From my R&D work, I find that Asian from equatorial climates are more thin than other regions of Asia. Because of the humid and hot temperate, our metabolism is greater. Hence, more calories are burnt up in our daily living. Also because of our diet is white and brown rice. It helps with the excretion of insulin which helps in the burning of more carbohydrates and release energies. Of course there are more reasons but due to lack of space and time, let adjourn here. Should you need more info please contact me again. Thanks! Bro. Joe. GBU
@zaahro (749)
• Indonesia
11 Jan 12
Hiii Qamarep. I am Asian and yeah I am skinny. But I don't do such thing to be skinny. I think it's in my gene, most of Asians female get fat after having baby but not really fat. So the main factor is in our gene, we get fat too but it is easy for us to reduce our weight. Well if you want to lose your weight, do lots exercise and eat more fruit and vegetable. It'll do good to your body :))
• Malaysia
11 Jan 12
Dear Quamarep The good news is that we Asian in general are thin or not 'big' is we consume complex carbohydrates in the form of 'unpolished rice'. It helps with slowing down insulin production and yet gives us a 'full' stomach feeling. Since tea or coffee is a must for all our meals, the tea helps to dilute the fats from the body after we take our meals. Does that somehow answer your question? Because of lack of space and time, please do visit my blog at www.josephsfng.wordpress.com. There are about hundred articles on this subject. If you still unhappy, let's discuss more via this site. OK. Thanks! Love: Bro. Joe. GBU. RSVP and ASAP.
@nangisha (3504)
• Indonesia
15 May 10
I think it because we eat so many kind of food, start from rice, vegetable, fruit, bean and meat in moderate amount. We will never see Asian people eat steak like most american. We have smaller portion steak here although steak is not very popular here. If you wanna loose a lot you can start to eat more varied food and not just one kind, I hope you will lose a lot weight.
@neildc (17253)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
7 May 10
you only need to eat proper diet, balanced diet, plus exercise. i simply do not exercise because of the kind of work that i have and besides, i never have to loose weight.
@pumared (515)
• Bulgaria
6 May 10
people feel like this and they are like it.
@eil_noz (963)
• Philippines
6 May 10
Most of us Asian were somehow slim one factor is because of the climate. I live in the Philippines and our country was usually hot or humid. Another factor is our lifestyle, the food that we eat, etc. We usually eat a lot of fruits and vegetables instead of meats which contains a lot of carbohydrates. Exercise is also a good way to be slim, I usually jog in the morning to be fit. Hope this could help!