a great wonder i have got..!

Bangalore, India
May 6, 2010 4:10am CST
i would love to share about some of the views of my friend and i am so happy to share it with mylot..there are wonders to tell about a single person and to say about a group it is really so hard and in our case it is a team work which give us a whole success and a lot of fun as like the sense of a cough to it's mother and a lot to say about this i t is like a cup of things as a thing of rose and as a sweet memories friends will be in the heart and they will no leave something that is so important for the better of one need and others will fight for it and that is the true meaning of love..and that is the thing i loved with all the "crazy friends" i mean..do u agree with this..? and that is the thing we loved for..happy happy wonders...
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