Activities during insomnia

@ladychai (147)
May 15, 2010 2:01pm CST
Whenever my insomnia kicks in, I would try as much as possible to do the things I need and want to do. Usually earn online, enhance my knowledge by surfing the net. clean my room. Anything I'd get my hands on I will do it that way I won't think much about my inability to sleep during the night. How about you, what are your usual activities while enduring your insomnia?
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@rhodzptc (1319)
• Philippines
2 Jul 10
I got this kind of sickness too but sometimes it feels boring just being infront of the computer typing most of the time since I cannot sleep. I used to play online games to divert my attentions but when I get too busy I almost forgot that I should sleep and my insomnia habit is over and my body is asking me to sleep but when I started to get busy into something I never stopped till I get over. So I avoid those things that would keep me busy during my insomnia attacked.
• United States
23 May 10
I generally lay in bed if I can't sleep. I try not to get too interested in any activities. I know you're supposed to get up and move around and not lay in bed because it makes it harder to associate your bed with sleep. I just don't want to move around and wake anyone else up.
@juggerogre (1659)
• Philippines
15 May 10
I usually just watch anything saved in my pc while lying in my bed. I don't do stuffs that excites my brain or will make me think because that will not let me sleep for sure.