If you are in this situation.........

May 16, 2010 6:53am CST
If you met your Mr. Right with the wrong time, what will you do? For example, you fall in love with a man that already married and you both love each other, are you willing or how long will u be willing to suffer and wait just for your relationship? Will u be martyr for the sake of your relationship with him? Or will u give up?
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@acelawrites (12719)
• Philippines
10 Jan 17
I will not get involved in that complicated relationship. Am a Roman Catholic and consider it a sin and an unlawful act.
16 May 10
Personally, I would not get involved with a married man. This would result in the man having an affair, and affairs only cause pain and destruction. In this situation, I would suggest putting as much space between you and him as possible. It won't be easy to do obviously because you have string feelings for him, but this really is the best thing for everyone involved and will save you a lot of heartache down the line. I have to question his morals and values to engage in an emotional affair whilst being married. If he were to leave his wife, and they rarely ever do, could you rest knowing that he may do the same thing to you?
• Australia
16 May 10
its always a difficult situation, one that many people dont understand. I am in a similar situation where my ex and I can not let each other go, his new relationship is a sham, a relationship of convenience. We have tried many times to walk away from each other over the last six years but somehow we always end up back together again. I wish I knew why and even more I wish I knew how to let go and walk away for ever.