Wanto join few PTCs

@bryanwmc (1052)
May 17, 2010 10:00am CST
i m looking for few more PTCs to join that gives .01 per click n cashout like neobux min $2-$4 n instant. there are so many of these sites and it is difficult to choose which ones are reliable that actually pays.so far i m wif neobux ,palmbux,wordlinx clixsense and my favourite Buxmatrix,sites that have really paid me, and .01 per clik. many myLotters use PTCs so think can get good idea of which ones are trusted to earn n potential controversial sites. What are your personal views if you were to be asked to rate these PTCs,esp those that pays .01 per add. from 1-10. my rating is ..1 buxmatrix , 2 neobux 3 wordlinx..4 clixsense 5 easy ad bucks.Other PTCs i m with doesnt pay 0.01 per add so not listed, thats why i m looking for few more sites to join.Suggestions from myLotters will be great!
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@marguicha (106599)
• Chile
17 May 10
There are many good sites. I like to trade sites so we each get a referral at our sites. I don´t think I have buxmatrix. Why don´t you add me as a friend and we talk of this privatly? My favorite is wordlinx. It pays to become a verified member for $10 a year. But there are more. You know we cant promote sites here. See you. Luck!!!
• United States
17 May 10
I have been earning online for over 10 years. It was good to see a couple of the old timers in your list. There are many of these programs that have been paying for years. There are also a few newer sites that are paying quite well...neobux is even considered newer compared to the old timer programs. You can find many other paying programs...just by visiting other members profiles here at MyLot...good luck with your future earnings
@bryanwmc (1052)
• Malaysia
18 May 10
there is a good reason for the old timers in the list which is exactly that.''old timers''risk free n reliably paying n the fact these sites haf been around all these years proves that ,just by their staying power!