What do you do when a friend loses a father?

@dhaeo_09 (1007)
November 16, 2006 11:25am CST
This boy that I like just lost his dad. I never met his father and found out he died of a disease and didn't really want anyone to know about it. Is it appropriate to ask him how is father died and if he knew about his father's disease? (I don't think I should ask something like that) I went out on a date with him before and for the past few months had been asking him if he would give me a second chance cause I really liked him and his response was always maybe. Of course after such a tragedy I am not looking to have a relationship with him because he needs time to deal with the his loss. Do I make it clear to him that right now I am not looking for a relationship with him but I will be here for him as a friend? I have been there for him before when he has had a problem and I feel like he might want to talk about it and might be expecting me to say something to him. What should I say to him or should I wait tell he tells me he wants to talk?
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