how wonderful life is..?

Bangalore, India
May 24, 2010 7:44pm CST
life is something different which we have to think before we act on something which we have to think a minute or so ,so that we will lead a better one and so that it is so good for one need...there are a lot of things we have to learn from others and so it is so good for ones need to go with the thing we want..and so on which we have to go in the right direction and do the thing which we have to do with only thing i do and like to say to others is that life has to be enjoyed and we have to think this we start from a point and end in the different point and so have fun..
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• Philippines
25 May 10
I think it's as wonderful as a rainbow. I love life. Sure it has ups and downs but all i enjoy are the ups. I don't care about the downs.
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• Bangalore, India
6 Jun 10
great then,thanks for comments life is a powerful dream some say and that is why ups and down comes and dream has good and bad and another thing is that we have to win the dream land we live so to get a lot of love..that is the thing,have fun..