Have you ever had a task rejected?

United States
May 29, 2010 1:37pm CST
If it is rejected do they let you do more work on it to reenter it for review? I just submitted my long task it looked like a book report. It took me two hours to do it too. Now I am on my way to do the next one I have to work on. at least this one will be shorter. Thanks
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@zralte (4186)
• India
29 May 10
One of the tasks I have done was returned - not rejected. It said I have to do a bit more work and re-submit. It was accepted on re-submit. I haven't had a task rejected yet.
• United States
29 May 10
This makes me feel a lot better in case they send mine back. I put it up and asked people to tell me what they thought. But,It was a flop,so I just put it in.
@oldchem1 (8144)
29 May 10
No I haven't had one rejected so I'm not sure what happens. I hope that you do well with your tasks,I have done 2 today as well. Good old Sharon Bucks
• United States
29 May 10
I am on my second one now. I want this to work out for me. I have to work on my writing skills. But,learning while doing is fine with me.
• Philippines
11 Apr 11
don't worry, just keep on working, that will help us earn more money and more experience in handling things like small tasks. i wondered why my small task wasn't considered. i really found it funny why it happened to me though, but i am not discouraged...i will earn eventually. cheer up!
@suehan1 (4356)
• Australia
31 May 10
I have never really looked at the tasks here to do.Are they hard to do ? I would like to know a bit more about them.
• China
30 May 10
Yes my task had been rejected here. May be 1 or 2 times they rejected it. Yes task is very hard working and i never prefer difficult task what takes long time. As i don't like. I prefer discussion here.
@lilybug (21148)
• United States
30 May 10
I have never had a task rejected, but then again I have never attempted doing any of the tasks here on myLot. I hope your task was accepted; especially after you spent so much time working on it.
@cream97 (29169)
• United States
30 May 10
Yes, I have several that were rejected. Sometimes the requester will allow me to resubmit it again so that I can complete it once again. I hope that your task is accepted.
@GardenGerty (96659)
• Marion, Kansas
29 May 10
Yes, I did, and I never knew why. I do not even check there very often. I notice you are extremely active right now, is it to help with funding your move? I wish you tons of luck.
@dsplay5 (361)
• Bulgaria
29 May 10
No, I haven't had any rejected tasks yet. Today I did 3 tasks, but I'm still waiting for approving. What about yours task, did they approve them, did they do it fast?