I have to take my friend to be place in a shelter tomorrow morning

United States
June 3, 2010 5:31pm CST
She has moved here from Atlanta in October. She has gone from one family member to the next and now she finally got her home health aide certificate and has to go in the shelter. Her brother where she lives is trying to control her 15 year old and she is constantly being told to move out. Knowing she has no where to go. I told her I can take her to the welfare building in the morning. I went for myself when I had no place to call my own. Sometimes family can be the worst kind of people. I knew her most of my life and all of my adult life. I only wish she came to me before I turned my apartment over to the landlord this month. Because I would let her stay here with me. I did tell her she could stay here till the end of the month when I have to be out. Now she has to cash in her food stamps to buy her daughter a bus pass to take three buses to school. Because her brother told his girl friend not to drive his niece anymore. And she went and listen to him and won't drive Nikki to school anymore. What a shame to take things out on kids like this. Now both kids take three buses. The 15 year old and the nine year old.
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@cream97 (29168)
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4 Jun 10
Her brother is not helping at all! He is just adding more to the problem. He should let his sister take care of her kids. After all, she is the mother of these kids. That is very mean of him to be this way. How can he tell his girlfriend not to drive his niece to school anymore?? That is just so sad on his part!! He need to start showing his sister and her kids(his nieces) more love and support than he does. And this is supposed to be his family?? Well, he act like these people are total strangers. If you ask me, he treats his own girlfriend like she is his family, when they ain't even married!! That is a damn shame how he is treating his sister and her kids. They are innocent in all of this!
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5 Jun 10
I took the girls in till I moe out this month. She will be getting up the money to send them back to the father and she will move on from their. The brother just wants to control tara and he can't so he is mad about it.
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