i got pregnancy sympthom

@dd1203 (34)
June 10, 2010 1:17pm CST
1. missed 2 cycle of my period 2. 3 faint line on HPT 3. sore br**st 4. fatigue 5. easy feel tired 6. cramp 7. backache but i'm not pregnant... my doctor say if u want to get pregnant, sometimes your brain telling your body the symptom... and your body react to it... the more you stress out to be pregnant , the more harder for you to get pregnant... but i'll try harder....
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10 Jun 10
I'm sorry but who said you are not pregnant??? If you have taken a pregnancy test and a faint line has come up, that is a positive test! There is no such thing as a "false" positive test- i.e. where you are not pregnant but the test says you are. But there are some things which can happen to make you think it is a false positive. 1) the test is not taken correctly or is expired or broken. Always take 2 tests if a positive mark shows. 2) you have had a missed miscarriage- this is where you lose the baby before implantation, in the first 2-4 weeks of pregnancy, basically the egg is fertilized but never attaches to the uterus wall to start to grow into a fetus. And then you have what seems like a "normal period", which is infact the losing of the baby. 3) pills such as hormone pills can cause the test to show positive when you are not pregnant. Never take this type of test if you are taking any kind of hormone replacement pills or any fertility treatment, only rely on a blood test. Yes it is true that sometimes if you WANT to be pregnant so bad, your body can "tell you" it is pregnant, and give you all the symptoms, including the missed period!! This is mainly stress due to wanting to be pregnant so much, and is called a phantom or ghost pregnancy. BUT a ghost pregnancy does NOT give you a positive test result on a pregnancy test!!! The only thing which does this is the pregnancy hormone- which means you ARE or WERE pregnant!!! Did you have a period after you took the test? This could have been a missed miscarriage, nothing needs to be done about it, but you could go to be checked out to ensure you have not got an infection left over from it. Most women who this happens to don't evem know about it, unless they have taken an early pregnancy test! If you have not had a period since the positive test, then I would take a few more tests, buy the more expensive ones, never buy them in bulk off the internet, these are NOT reliable!!! And do one a week, if even a faint line shows up on the test (and it has been followed correctly, before the expiry date and the control window AND test window have a line/cross etc!) then you ARE pregnant. The only way pregnancy can be ruled out by a doctor is by an ultrasound scan or blood test. They will or should not take a negative test to say you are definitely not pregnant. False negatives DO happen. But false positives do not.
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• Pakistan
10 Jun 10
great explanation every thing is correct in it. no one can explain you better than that. thanks stepbond
@owlwings (40038)
• Cambridge, England
10 Jun 10
That is so well and clearly put, Stephbond, that it deserves MANY '+'s! In fact, I would say that it is a classic and outstanding example of what MyLot mean by a 'quality response'.
@dd1203 (34)
• Malaysia
14 Jun 10
thanks stepbond... probably i already miss it ;( i already got my period..and it was so painful... fyi, i already check 3 strips..and one from the women specialist.. all 3 was faint lines... but nothing can be done anymore... i already got my period..and it's impossible as well to get pregnant since .. I don't know... there was so many things came up in my mind... and i was too sad to check for another test... p/s : all the rules have been followed. and i did the ultrasound, twice... but no sack :( baby dust to everyone...
@maximax8 (28992)
• United Kingdom
12 Jun 10
I think that a faint line is pregnant on a home pregnancy test. Some home pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others. I think it is wise to take two pregnancy tests and some ladies take four. It is possible to get a false negative test especially if the lady tests before her next period would have been due. However I think a positive pregnancy test is always true. I know some ladies try very hard to get pregnant. Being relaxed and happy helps get a lady pregnant. That is why some stressed at home ladies get pregnant whilst they are on vacation. It sounds like you are experiencing early pregnancy symptoms. You could try having a blood test now or a scan in three months time to show the doctors you are pregnant. Good luck.