life is to life with a luck..!

Bangalore, India
June 11, 2010 5:35pm CST
i always think we are on this world with a bit luck and that is the think and the good works which we have done in the past.there is nothing there without is cool to talk what we are and what we do with but it is so difficult to think which is the good way to think of.there are a lot of path in the way of life and even that is not in our hands,and i think old era people have a great love in god that is they have only .1% luck and that is the only difference and they thought that only god will take then to the right destination and that is all about as large things and i could not say in a single no need to fear the death which comes in the path and to take even the death as a best friend..!i think all will agree for this..?
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