June 15, 2010 12:46am CST
I believe in term-"To change the system be a part of the system".Instead of getting into maoism ,Naxalism or Terrorism. So people to clean dirty mud smuck u ve to get into it.Dont u think so?
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• United States
20 Mar 12
Wow, avoided like the plague. My favorite type of question. :) Even back at the time (2yrs?!) you posted this, I think it was invalid. Back when the idea of "change from the inside" started gaining thought (decades ago) may have been the only time it would have worked. Now however, the "system" is too entrenched in itself to be usurped by a single renegade, even if they COULD get equal footing with the current powers. But, due to (in part) corporatism and lobbying, only those that are willing to maintain the status quo can have a chance of being heard. Not that rebellion of the masses is the answer either, at least not a physical one. Perhaps this works better: In order to fix the system, you must offer up a superior alternative.