how far will you travel for the one you love?

June 16, 2010 8:32am CST
just wondering if all people are willing to travel so far just to see their online friend.. well, i really wanna meet someone online.. well she's my friend.. she's not that far cause she's here in the same country where i am.. but i can't still afford the ticket to go in her place and neither her.. she's so kind and i wanna meet her children too.. we're both single mothers that's why we feel so comfortable with each other.. we share everything's happen everyday.. well i know when i'll be successful, i will look for her for sure.. how about you? how long will you travel for a friend whom you just meet online?
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@simonelee (2718)
• China
2 Jul 10
Hi. Very willing. I met my partner online and we are living in the same country. I always wanted to meet her but her parents doesn't allow us for now. Why? because they have other plans and priorities in life. I often travel to their region but never had a chance to visit her. I was tempted too but i have to control my self. I have to wait until the right time comes... I think it's better than losing her, right?
• United States
17 Jun 10
I know how you feel, babe. I myself have met people online (both men) that I would love to meet in person, about 2 people at the most. But unfortunately we are both low on funds, and I cant expect them to hold their lives for me. So in the end one did eventually get married long after we had stop being close, and the other well....I am just not so sure anymore. Maybe I will try to visit and maybe I wont. But I have never met another woman online from another country that I plan on meeting. Though I have met a woman online from my own state, just a few hours away. That was a nice experience she is nice and we had a great time, and we planning on getting together this weekend. So in the end, I say its your call, only you know for sure if it feels right and if things do or dont work out, at least you cant say you never tried. Peace and good luck.
@meowcow (936)
• Philippines
16 Jun 10
I will travel miles and miles if I thought it was real and would actually help with my life. Easing problems and having someone to talk to such as you mentioned. For romantic reasons though, I don't believe I could or would travel very far. I hope you get to work things out! God knows all of us need as much as we can get from each others' support. Good luck! Nice topic! ++!
• India
16 Jun 10
If its within my reach and i can afford monetarily i wil surely go or else i wil tel my friend to come and meet me.If she is rich i wil take the advantage and wil call her
• Pakistan
16 Jun 10
i'll never go after whom i loved, bcoz if she also love me, she won't go away ever, so i think it would be a waste of time
@busybee10 (3191)
• India
16 Jun 10
No - I wouldn't travel long distances to meet or see an online friend,because technology has given so many options and so closer that you can do any thing in seconds.Then why to spend money and time to meet. Yes on a special occasions like if they are getting married or suddenly something absurd has happened they I should be the first person to meet they otherwise no.
@marguicha (103906)
• Chile
16 Jun 10
I have been friends with a canadian boy I met playing at pogo about 5 years ago. Canada is a long way from my country and the only way to go is flying by the one and only VERY EXPENSIVE canadian airline. I don´t have the money and he is a lot more poor than I am. Every year I hope I´ll earn more money online (I have my vacations with my online earnings) so that I can go and visit him. He´s very sweet and as he lost both of his parents when he was a teen, I play a mother´s rol with him. His partner is also very nice and I know both of them would like me to go visit. I keep on trying!