Selling an e-book -massive earnings ?

June 25, 2010 9:09am CST
ok , so for a long time I keep having this idea that if you make and sell an e-book your incomes may become higher than ever . I searched for lots of tips about how to make it , how to sell it , but i don't know . First of all there are some questions unclear about this topic , and I would appreciate your help . I don't know how to put it in a pdf format , from what I understood I need to buy Adobe Reader to be able to do this . Secondly I don't know how to make a good site that sells the product , and how to put that button where you press "buy it now" . Then I'm not sure if there aren't laws about declaring this as a business or something like this . But besides this , I think I could really do this and earn a lot . So what do you think ? Any advices on the problems up there , if not , what is your opinion on this subject ? Is an e-book a good way to increase your incomes?
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@johnpillai (2083)
• Germany
27 Jun 10
I also have so many question about e-book. You should not pay any red cents to down-lord PDF. I hope there is no rule to sell your own e-book.
28 Jun 10
No, you don't need to pay for software just to create a pdf, either download a free pdf driver like primopdf or the other guy's suggestion use Open Office. Again, selling ebooks are perfectly legal as long as the content is legal and yours, and if the content is not yours then you have the resell rights to sell it.
@topffer (36677)
• Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
25 Jun 10
Hello AndreeaM13, A good way to put in a pdf is to install OpenOffice 3 : it has many formats, and can export natively to PDF, so you will be able to open your original document and save it in seconds. It is better than a PDF driver and GhostScript, and it is free. I can't tell you how to make a good site, but you can sell your ebook with your blog. You can open a free account at payloadz that will sell you with PayPal for you. You will have a monthly limit transaction of $637 : it is not bad to begin. I don't know the laws in your country. In mine, selling an ebook when you are the author is not a commercial business -- selling ebooks written by others, yes --, but you have to declare the money earned with it and pay your taxes. If you want to sell it for a low price it may be interesting to "give" it via a paid per download site like or Internet surfers prefer to get a freebie than to pay : those wanting to download your ebook will have to do a survey or a sign-up and these sites will give you between 20 to 45 cents for each download. Is an e-book a good way to increase your incomes ? Probably, but you have to try to know how much you can earn with your ebook. Have a good day.
• Romania
25 Jun 10
Well it sure helped this info :) . I was really worried that I need to pay $300 on Adobe or something like this , it's good to know I don't need to . And about the laws , as I'm the author , declaring my income will not be such a problem . Thanks a lot for sharing these advices .