Gay Friends

United States
June 25, 2010 5:44pm CST
Hi all! Well I have a bit of a dilemma and I am not sure what it is but for some reason I just don't get along with anyone in my community. I'm sure it's not my attitude because I'm really friendly I swear... and I go out with pure intentions, to mkae friends that is, most nights lol. Every time I even attempt it though it's like either I am getting hit on or just being blasted ya know... Maybe there are different rules to the game I don't know I am still new in the community... I didn't know any gay people when I was younger lol. Help please and thanks!
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• Philippines
26 Jun 10
here's on thing i can say gay people in general. they are fun to be with. they are most expressive and creative. just try to get along with them. bring your guards down. one thing about being friends with gay people, do not offend the way they live. plus support their humor. they turn out to be really sincere and thoughtful. ;-)
@saphrina (31739)
• South Africa
26 Jun 10
To have gay friends are actually nice, sweetie. You just have to be straightforward and make them understand where you all stand in this. Maybe a bit less late nights will do you good. TATA.