Babies are so expensive!

June 26, 2010 5:04pm CST
With my first child 5 years ago, I didn't realise quite how expensive babies were. The cot, pushchair, steriliser, clothes, bouncer, etc etc, were mostly purchased by relatives and friends. With my son 3 years ago, I still had some things I could re-use, so it wasn't a complete shock then either - plus I accepted some second-hand items from friends. Number three, another girl, is due in September. I don't have any baby things any more, I gave them all away - so I'm buying everything again. Although the clothes are mainly used items from eBay, and I have been shopping around, I am still feeling overwhelmed and panicking about the cost of everything. I still have so much equipment to purchase and only 11 weeks to go. My daughter's birthday is in a few weeks so I have to buy her presents and pay for her party, and there are bills piling up. I'm trying to keep it all under control but its hard and I'm getting so stressed!
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@rosie230 (1674)
26 Jun 10
I know what you mean... I have a 9 year old and a 1 and 1/2 year old, and I had nothing left from my first son, so when my youngest was born last year, I basically had to start all over again. I bought a lot of clothes from ebay, it seemed the best option since he was not going to be in them long. I bought the basics like the car seat, pushchair and sterilizer and bottles etc when he arrived and the rest I just got along the way. I have a difficult time at Christmas time though... I have my eldest's birthday on December 20th, then christmas and then january 26th is my youngest's birthday, so as you can imagine very expensive time of year, and it does take some planning I can tell you.
26 Jun 10
I have a car seat because my sister didn't get rid of her son's... I'm just hoping she will soon be finished with the pushchair which is part of the same Graco travel system! Its brown so not a colour I would have chosen, but needs must. I can't afford to buy everything. A friend has asked her sister to donate baby clothes to me, and my parents have bought me a steriliser, but most things I have to buy again. Thankfully, my daughter's request for a birthday present is another wooden train set, so it will only set me back around £20, and I have already been to the £1-shop to buy the smaller gifts to go with it.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
4 Jul 10
Well,I definitely don't think that there has been anyone that said having a baby was cheap. With my daughter I was lucky that a lot of people in our family gave me their used items which helped me to save a lot of money and I had intended to hold on to those things until I had another child because I knew it would save me a lot of money in the long run. However, between my two children I had a miscarriage and believed that I would never have another baby and sold many of my things. Then when I was pregnant with my son, I had to buy them all over again. Let me tell you, consignments stores and sales are a girl's best friend in this situation.
@Ritchelle (3797)
• Philippines
2 Jul 10
tell me about it . but my mother made a pretty good job of letting me know when i was growing up that expenses are not easy and that we cannot have all we want because of our other siblings. so i made myself only a kid and not because i don't want him to learn how to share or live in austerity but mainly because i don't want him to suffer the confusion on how my mere presence can trigger such austerity and how come it is my fault that i cannot have what i want because i didn't bring those many children in the world. i think it is unfair for any child to receive a no when the reason is the other siblings because parents should only have what they can afford. if you come to think of it all of us should only have what we can afford.
@tinym8 (403)
• United States
29 Jun 10
Try to calm down and take a deep breath! Things will work out. Some friends and relatives will probably give you some things again. If a relative asks what you would like for a gift for the baby don't be afraid to let them know what you really need. You could ask for a gift certificate for a store near you and then you could buy diapers with it or whatever else you really need. See if you can join a mother's group where you bring the kids and swap ideas and suggestions. If you don't use grocery coupons start now. Diapers, baby food, etc. can be much less expensive with coupons. Try making your own baby food, especially fruits and vegetables. Best of luck and things will slowly work out, you'll see!!
@aguas_aj (501)
• Philippines
28 Jun 10
yeah as baby grows bigger their expense becomes bigger my son consume more than 25% of of our monthly budget for milk, diaper and medicines.. You'll be surprise how they consume the budget.