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July 9, 2010 3:08pm CST
hey there so yesturday i was at work and got hurt and was taken to the hospital and i got alot of stiches and im now out of work for like a month, so i just wanted to know if this has ever happened to anyof you please tell me your experience.
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@Porcospino (18385)
• Denmark
13 Jul 10
I once got into an accident at work. I was working in a home health care team, and my patients all lived in the same part of town, so I used my bike to get from place to place. One Friday afternoon I was almost ready to go home, I only had one more visit left. It was a rainy day, and the streets were very slippery, I fell of my bike and hurt my head. I got a concussion and I lost my memory. I had to take a break from work, but after a while I was able to go back to work.
• United States
9 Jul 10
LB- I can very much relate. I've not been teaching for the last five years. I moved up to marry my husband in 2005 and found out that I would not be allowed to complete my student teaching because the state department of education in my state (I'm from the USA) did not recognize the online university I had been attending. The university was fully accredited in all fifty state, but my current state simply said attend one of our universities. This same state department also stated it did not offer reciprocal licensure for teachers, and gave me a list of eight more classes to take in order to become fully licensed. I am happy to say that I am now licensed five years later, but not in English which was my original license. I am licensed in special education, but am now out of graduate funds and recently found out I cannot complete my thesis unless I pay cash. No more loans. This said, it has left me with the question, what is next? Well, the last five years have been lovely because we have two beautiful children that I have been raising. I have had time to develop myself more fully as a spiritual person. My current goals are now working on helping my husband promote his martial arts school, doing spiritual guidance full time from my house, and working online and offline tutoring. Teaching comes in many forms, and though it is sad that perhaps I am not in the classroom, I find joy that there are indeed many paths to being a teacher. My current license can be kept up through workshop hours and class hours if I am not teaching-which can be more affordably done through the local community colleges, and my thesis can still be worked on even without an advisor once my project is given the go ahead through the IRB process. (I can simply pay later and publish when I have the extra funds or someone donates to my college fund). All in all, I've learned from my experience that things work out once we let go. When I let go of the notion that things had to be a certain way, it opened up many more experiences that have allowed me to develop as a person. I bet your situation will allow you to find that gem in your life as well. Namaste-Anora