Health - Food

Manila, Philippines
July 12, 2010 2:52pm CST
Everybody loves healthy foods. They keep fruits and vegetables on refrigerator in order to keep its freshness. Some are eating it fresh. It could also be prepared using some applicable menu to be more delicious to eat. How about you, what is your favorite food that you are usually looking forward to eat?
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@AmbiePam (50278)
• United States
17 Jul 10
I'm a fruit fanatic. I love fruit. But I don't seem to be able to find really good fresh fruit. Last Christmas when I was asked what I wanted, I said a fruit basket. You know, the kind you buy online. I wanted a basket filled with fruit that I knew were fresh. I crave good fruit. Pears, watermelon, nectarines, plums...yummy.
@jerikjames (1045)
• Philippines
13 Jul 10
I also some health food. Haha. Yogurt and fruits qualify right? I think those are the only healthy foods that I like to eat. I'm not a fan of vegetables nor will I ever be in the future. I think if I have kids in the future, I'll eat vegetables to make an example to the children. I'll eat them, but it doesn't mean have to like them right? lol.
@Memnon (2173)
12 Jul 10
This is a bit of a mixed bag I expect. Most of us like to think we eat healthy, but hanker for treats. I am lucky not to have a sweet tooth, but I'm not above liking some treats. Favourites for me are continental meats and cheeses. The sort that you might have to accompany cereal or fruit for breakfast. Regarding cooked food, I have varied tastes, cooking mostly Chinese at home. There are Thai and Moroccan restaurants nearby which are favourite, but rare, haunts.