Fertility Drugs

July 13, 2010 6:39am CST
We have been trying for our second baby now for over 2.5 years. We knew we would have problems as it took 3.5 years to fall pregnant with our daughter as we were only given a 1% chance as to which we were extremely lucky to have her and feel lucky every single day! Ive recently had another op to check if my endometriosis is back and by some miracle there is none there! It seems I may not be ovulating every month so now my doctor has put me on some ovulation fertility drugs called Clomifene. Now I know with everything you take there are side effects though the ones in this pack are worrying me. The doctor has only given me a months lot of tablets in case i have a severe reaction which of course worries me more though we have decided to chance it in hope it may help us give our daughter a brother or sister. Some of the side effects written for this drug are; severe sickness which may result in hospitalisation if really bad Problems with vision eptopic pregnancy or even miscarriage if you do manage to fall pregnant Severe headaches possible ovarian cancer in the future and the list goes on I was wondering whether anyone else had been on this drug or similar and whether they suffered any side effects? Im due to start them next week and trying to get as much info as I can before starting them. I have looked online and got the low down on them though would prefer to hear from anyone who has used them first hand. thanks everyone
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