Political Theater?

@laglen (19782)
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July 16, 2010 8:22am CST
David Graham a reporter for newsweek compares the New Black Panther case to Acorn and says it is "staging an effective piece of political theater that hurts the Obama administration." Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/ken-shepherd/2010/07/14/newsweeks-graham-new-black-panther-voter-intimidation-new-acorn#ixzz0tqpehvjN Do you think the case is legit or just more "staging". I am having a hard time with the DOJ not wanting to prosecute "blacks". This in my opinion calls for "special rights" for whites. Voter intimidation is a very serious offense and in 2010 should NOT be allowed. Now for anybody wanting to turn this into an Acorn discussion, please start your own. If you want to discuss injustices in the past, I have to ask you, when does it stop? If you want to blame Bush, just go away.
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@matersfish (6311)
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16 Jul 10
I've had this discussion on a friend's blog whose aim was to paint the airing of New Black Panther stories as a "conservative plot" to make white people afraid of/turn against black people. The logic: showing negative black people makes people think all black people must be like that. The remedy is to just swallow the story. Don't show negative black images. (A form of 'social justice.') And that's the rub. He also believes the DOJ whistle-blower is simply blowing hot air. However, that's awfully ironic because, logically, if Holder or anyone else in the DOJ believed in principle that negative portrayals of African-Americans led to further stereotyping of the African-American community, then you have the cause and the effect and suddenly the whistle-blower becomes infinitely more credible. It is a belief in some circles that ANY "black" image represents ALL black people. But it isn't white people who've done that - at least not the whites being labeled racists today. It reminds me of that Robert Downey, Jr. scene in Tropic Thunder. He's dressed up and is acting "black." A black character says, "Oh, I guess we all talk like that!?" Umm... who's bringing the "we all" into it? You can't simply pinpoint ONE black person and imitate them? It has to be the entire race? Who says? I realize that's a movie, but that's a popular attitude held. A recent real life example would be Dennis Miller calling Holder "Stedman," because he looks like Stedman. I've heard the, "Oh, I guess we all look alike!?" line dropped over Miller's supposed racism. Umm... who's bringing the "we all" into it? One guy can look like another. The fact they're both "black" (same shade of tan lol) is just one of the many factors. But that's the culture groups like the original Black Panthers helped to shaped with the ubergroup identification. That's just bogus. Equality means that a fringe group with black members in it can be called out the same as a fringe group with white members. Anything less, like swallowing the news or morphing it to fit a cause, isn't "equality." It's that whole warped social justice agenda again, where, because of the past, some feel it's "owed" to the black community not to showcase its fringe element. Christians probably don't want those Westboro loons blasted all over the place either, fearing that it might inadvertently give honest Christians a bad name. The only difference is that Christians don't have any extortion fodder. Meanwhile, the Tea Party members have become infinitely more "racist," if you'll notice, while this whole NBP and DOJ deal is going on. The NAACP, lobbying exraordinaire, is really doing its best to turn it back into the evil white supremacist culture bit. How utterly saddening. In order for "colored people" to be "advanced," per the supposed mission of the NAACP, then true justice and equality needs to come through. That means, simply, if the DOJ is crooked and in favor of minorities, then it NEEDS TO CHANGE. And if there's a radical fringe group out there giving honest people a bad name, then go after THAT fringe group instead of attacking white folks and trying to separate yourselves even further with social polarization. Get real. Logic has to enter into this BS some time or another, or else we're just going to have role reversal and NEVER reach "equality." And that's exactly what groups like the New Black Panthers want. They have the heart of the Klan, only they've never been a majority race. If it was only 13% whites and 66% blacks in America, what kind of climate could we expect with the NAACP and NBP running roughshod with the supposed cause of all black people?
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@laglen (19782)
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17 Jul 10
very good points Maters, I like the reference to Tropic thunder, that is spot on. I agree that if they want to advance their cause, it should be across the board. Racism is racism no matter what color or nationality you are. I agree that the NBP should be treated as well as the KKK.
@epicure35 (2822)
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18 Jul 10
The only "political theater" here remains in the staging of the installation of a traitor into the office of president because of his perceived race. This was the gambit from the get-go, by all the America-haters, including Soros, Arabs, Russia ( they really hate blacks and Americans, and only went underground re the cold war), Muslims throughout the world, NWO types like Kissinger, radicals like Ayers, Wright, and gangster-scum of the Chicago ilk who are O's best chums. BHO is a racist and a Muslim who is using his own illegal status to commit heinous crimes against America and continually play the race card to do it. Remember the Ft. Hood massacre and O threatening Congress if they dared to investigate the Islamist "allah akbar" shouting maniac who killed even a pregnant woman in rage and hatred of America? Remember O stating that if Congress dared to do anything, it was political theater? Remember him and his evil minion Holder representing terrorists, giving them our rights and calling us "domestic terrorists" while removing our constitutional rights and all our protections? Remember him suing AZ for trying to protect us. The whole Obama regime is based on RACISM and exploitation of whining white liberals at the hands of the thugs and Democratic Socialists, among others. REMEMBER!!!!! As for Lindsey Graham, he is at best a cowardly RHINO, who knows O's secrets and doesn't want O to reveal any secrets of his own. O is a hardened criminal, as are those he serves, meaning the BPP, Soros, Ayers, etc. Best be warned, these monsters will do everything inhumane and corrupt they can think of to prevent another free election, just like they did in 2008. BE WARNED, America. REMEMBER!