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July 27, 2010 9:00am CST
I don't know about everyone else but I will truly miss the hills. From Heidi and Spencer's arguements to Kristin and Brody's flirting. However I do prefer the first series wich featured Lauren Conrad; she is personally my idol. The Hills really inspired me to take an interest in fashion, after seeing Lauren and Whitney working as interns for teen vogue I realised I would really enjoy working in a place such as that. If it wasnt for Whitney pursueing her dream we wouldn't have The City! which I find more fashion industry based whereas The Hills is more "gossip" based now; however both very good! What does everyone prefer? The City or The Hills? and do you want this to be the last of the Hills?
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27 Apr 11
I'm like many others, loved this show when Lauren Conrad was in it. Having Kristie in the show isn't the same as Lauren. Although drama does attract viewers, there seemed to be too much while Kristie was there. I loved watching Laurens exciting life with her job, friendship, and relationships.
@aurorastorm (1136)
• United States
28 Jul 10
I really loved this show when Lauren Conrad was on it. I was not that upset for it to end because I really think it became so scripted and never answered any questions like how did some of them become friends again after hating each other (Lo and Audrina) or (Audrina and Kristin). I loved the original series and love watching The City, Whitney is really inspiring and seems so normal. I still wonder if it is true about Heidi and Spencer getting a divorce or not?