Do you love football?(soccer)

July 31, 2010 3:27pm CST
I want to know if you love football(soccer). If you do, what do you like more? playing or watching it? What is your favorite team? why do you like that team? I love soccer very much. I like to watch games and to play games as well. My favorite teams are the German and the Hungarian national teams and Bayern Munchen as a club team. I am fascinated by this sport and I have strong feeling about these teams. I love Bayern and Germany because I love them( when I was a child these teams caught me) and I love Hungary because I am Hungarian and it gives me a patriotic feeling, although physically Transylvania doesn't belong anymore to Hungary.
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@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
1 Aug 10
I do, and I like a lot of teams, such as the national team of my country of course, Barcelona, Arsenal, Inter, Juventus, some teams in my national league and so on. It is the best sport in the world if you ask me. I mostly watch it though, I don't play (anymore).
• Romania
2 Aug 10
I agree that football is the best sport in the world. It has everything: rivalry, chantings, supporters, celebration, competition, healthy way of life and lots of emotion.
@Thumb86 (290)
1 Aug 10
Yes of course I love football! being british I have to really! and its our sport! I used to play a lot when I was younger..Played for my local youth team and stuff. Now though, I just watch it and I really enjoy it. I follow the world cup..I love the world cup. Its my favorite sporting event. And it always makes me feel so nostalgic and brings up a lot of happy memories from my childhood. I support Liverpool and hope to go to a few fames this coming season.
• Romania
2 Aug 10
I love World Cups as well. Every time when a World Cup starts I feel like a child who got the toy he always wanted. Of course, European Championship is also very nice, it involves lots of emotions, but I don't know why I enjoy World Cups more. I also like the Bundesliga, DFB cup, Champions League and Europa League as well, and I always hope that Bayern will win, but World cups have something special. I just can't figure it out what. By the way, Liverpool fans are unique.;) Y.N.W.A.
@xylem916 (95)
• India
2 Aug 10
I too love football especially watching and playing. I like both watching as well as playing. And my favorite team is Arsenal and Manchester United, I really love to watch this sport, and the way they played.
• United States
31 Jul 10
I do love football especially when the Tennessee Volunteers are palying. They are my favorite team. I'm from Tennessee. Soccer is a completely different game from football here in the u.s.a. My son played when he was young & i enjoyed the games very much.