Get A at A levels?

August 3, 2010 8:00am CST
Can you get A* in : Math, Business, Media, English, History?? How you guys do it?? Can give me some advices?
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3 Aug 10
Well I have only recently just completed my A levels and awaiting my results an I am confident I havent flunked anything. I took Media Studies, English Language, Maths and Journalism. At maths it isnt hard you just have to understand. As far as English goes depends on literature on language. For language you need to be really smart and clever and sort of find a hidden meaning in any text and also have a strong view on the topic and make you line of argument clear. For media studies you have to be very much in touch with the world. You have to know the financial, political and social view of society and also learn about contemporary media. And also about stereotyping. And honestly it isnt easy (or possible) to ace all of them. Maths, media, history and business yes the others not so sure
• Malaysia
4 Aug 10
I just found at A levels is not as easy as i thought.. It's very hard to score A... Thanks for your advices too^^
• India
11 Aug 10
Yes. If you've good knowledge in each field, and the important thing if you have interest., you can get "A" grade.