what will you do on your way to work on bus

August 5, 2010 6:45pm CST
what will you do on your way to work or school,i always like to play some games with my cellphone or listen to music,what about you?
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• Philippines
6 Aug 10
I am listening to songs just like you. My favorite day is Friday because two of the stations here in my country plays an 80's music. I switched station from time to time. I do not play with my cellphone as it can lead to snatching, the vehicle I am using for transporting is not safe, so playing with your cellphone is not good. I rather keep it inside the bag and pretend to do not have a cellphone.Actually when I am in public places I do not let my cellphone out as it can attract snatcher to steal it. However I do not have the latest model but my cellphone is my necessity that is why I keep it and take good care of it. I enjoy listening to music more.Eventhough I am enjoying music I am alert in my environment, i do not let music eat me.
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• Canada
5 Aug 10
i get nervous on the city bus and around people in general. i usually pretend im on my phone doing something when im not. i might want to start listening to music or bring my nintendo DS. im going to rebuy pokemon pearl that game was fun. keeps you busy and it takes a long time to beat.
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• Pakistan
13 Nov 10
We can not play on our cell phones during the way to some where in bus. Our buses are very much filled with people and we can not arrange to enjoy the journey by bus. Rush of people do not allow to do it. We give full attention to reach our destination. we need safe journey by bus as there are lot of chances of accident in our country.
24 Oct 10
I generally just look at the window or use my phone to talk to someone, I don't really listen to music on the bus as I prefer to be able to hear things. It's just something that makes me feel safe and aware, as there are a lot of trouble makers who use the bus service within my area.
• United States
7 Aug 10
I like to hang out on mylot. I like to post on here as much as I can. I think its worth it.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
6 Aug 10
I usually take a nap. Sometimes I wanted to read something and I did that once but it made me feel dizzy. I didnt like reading in the bus cause I feel like I wanna throw up and I really dont want that to happen.
@tinym8 (403)
• United States
6 Aug 10
Hi Tracy, Right now I work at home, but when I did go to work by train I read a book while I traveled. I also "people watched." I loved to watch how people on the train reacted to things that happened or to other people. Sometimes it got quite interesting.
@Absinto (2398)
• Portugal
6 Aug 10
Well on my way home on the bus i usually put music on loud and play tetris until i get close to home.