Addiction to FaceBook Anyone?

United States
August 7, 2010 2:56pm CST
I remeber the days before earning money online. I used to be on AIM and FaceBook constantly and knew every single thing going on. I would be on there like no tomarrow. Bored,most of the time. Waiting for a certain someone to go on. Anyone felt the same at one point or time?
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@mobhomeir (7565)
• Philippines
15 Aug 10
Hello asian my friend..i had my face book long time ago but never active on it until I found almost all of my relatives and old friends there. From that time on, I am already active on checking almost every day. I would not say am addicted to it but I owe a lot from face book. Without this social site I would no be able to meet again my long time friends, classmates and even my relatives. The one that I would say, I was addicted before in here (mylot) this is my first social site that I won lots of friends internationally. Like you, if not of mylot we should not known each other. More power on mylot.. Mobhomeir here...
• India
12 Aug 10
I am one of those addictions.
@HADDOWZ (1481)
8 Aug 10
5 clues to Facebook addiction. I think this link fits in well with your discussion, hope you enjoy.
@sadsad75 (96)
• Philippines
8 Aug 10
I'm not really a facebook addict. But I always checking my account everyday. It's fun meeting new people, and making friends. Just like here in myLot. :)
@minx267 (14740)
• Hartford, Connecticut
8 Aug 10
I guess I am still addicted to Facebook. I go on just about every single day. And I also use it to help me make more money online. I used to have aim- a long time ago. I don't have any IM except for Facebook when I am on it now.
@AutumnGold (1062)
8 Aug 10
Hello Asianxkutiee. I used to use Facebook but I've never really understood why people are so addicted to it. It's mostly ramblings about what people have had for breakfast or how fed up they are at work. I got bored with it fairly quickly and I closed my account this week because I wasn't using it. I can still keep in touch with those who matter to me, I either have their mobile number or I see them around town so I won't miss it.
@cheongyc (5075)
• Malaysia
8 Aug 10
I was addicted to facebook game half a year ago. It's really fun to play all the games available including restaurant city, fishville, barn buddy and etc. However, I found that it's really time consuming and my time should be put into other more productive stuff. Right now, I seldom login to facebook and concentrate more on my self study subject and online earning program. Happy Mylotting and have a nice day!
@jugsjugs (13044)
7 Aug 10
When facebook was the new thing,i use to be on there all the time aswell as on chat site that me and a few friends use to belong to.Now i have got bored of both and i tend to be on here all of the time.I think that there are always things that are on here that are interesting aswell as i never seem to get bored.
• Canada
7 Aug 10
i still use facebook just about everyday. but when myspace was the popular site, i was on that all the time. everyone was adding everyong. guys and girls were meeting randomly left right and centre. now if you add someone randomly or talk to people you dont know they will think your a creep. its been given a bad name because it was on the news and there just trying to get a story. yes there are 50 year old weirdos but it was overhyped and really all you have to do is take some time to really see if someoens a creep or not. atleast get them to go on webcam if thats them then talk to them. if not do not talk to them. its not rocket science. its an adiiction tho i thought about deleting my fb account afew times just to minimize my time spend on the pc