Women tennis players have a very high serve toss

@stealthy (8189)
United States
August 31, 2010 7:43pm CST
Many of the women pro tennis players are having a lot of problems with their serves for the last couple of years or more. I am wondering if a big part of that is because they have such a high ball toss. The tennis TV announcers used to commit on that and how hard it must make it to time the serve. But these days they seldom comment on it; I guess because so many of the women players do it. My understanding was that you wanted a toss such that you would hit the ball at just about the highest point of the toss which is when it would be turning around and would be moving the slowest. That is how I did it when I played. My serve was not the greatest since I never learned how to put much spin on the ball but I had a good hard flat first serve. I pretty much never had any problem with the toss wondering all over the place like the women do today.
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