Get Verified Your Paypal Account Using Bdo Atm Debit Card

September 4, 2010 8:04am CST
1. Login to your paypal account. If you don't have go to Paypal * Go to My Account * Point to Profile tab then click the sub menu add/edit credit card. Or click the "Unverified" status near your name * Choose MasterCard in Card Type in the drop down list. Enter your BDO Atm Debit Card 16 digit numbers, the expiration date and the three digits Card Verification Number then click the "Continue" button. 2. A confirmation page will be displayed. . Your card will be charged $1.95 but Paypal will refund it within 24 hours after you confirm your card. The charge creates a unique 4-digit code that will show up on your card statement in few days (from two to three days). Then go to the BDO branch and ask for your bank statement. Or if you have the Electronic banking, you can check the Paypal code there. 3. Once you have the 4-digit EXPUSE Paypal code. Login to your account again and then click on the Confirm my debit or credit card link on the Account Overview. 4. Enter the 4-digit EXPUSE Paypal code in the designated box and then click the Submit button. A confirmation message will be sent to you that your account has been verified. Source:
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