when life is about to end and you only have 30 days to live,how spent your life?

September 7, 2010 1:30pm CST
me?.i will just do all things that i love most,live to the fullest.i will enjoy like; be with my family,friend and specially to the one i dearly love.i treasure ever moment. i will not waste my days just thinking about remaining days. i still keep on dreaming like the life has no limits, that life is so wonderful.
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• India
7 Sep 10
well..if i had thirty days left from tomorrw.. i wud just.. ask my gf to come along wid me.. and i wud go bak home.. and spend the rest of my thirty days wid my parents and my sweet heart!! thats all.. i dnt need to go to any place.. or anything.. just need to b wid the ppl i care for!!
• Bulgaria
7 Sep 10
I'll do things,I never dared to do,so I'm a start eating junk,smoking a lot,drinking a lot,watch tv,don't go back for days,all that stuff :)