Sick kids and being up all night

September 8, 2010 6:55pm CST
Its nearly 1am, my daughter is downstairs with me. She is congested and can't seem to clear it with vapour treatments, her temperature is high, she's had a couple of icepops but no major results. She's also had Calpol which hopefully should bring it down a bit. I gave her hot chocolate but she didn't want it, I gave her strawberry milk which she spilt everywhere and upset herself so I've had to change her pyjamas, blanket and the sofa cover... no school tomorrow I think! I have found some workbooks I bought which cover the things she is doing at school right now so she will have to do those tomorrow if she can't go. I am going into hospital on Friday for a c-section so could do without sick kids, but what can you do! Daddy will have to cope somehow...
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
20 Sep 10
It is never any fun when your children are sick and I know that it had to be even worse for you to deal with being that you were going to be having a baby any time now. I hope that by the time the baby was delivered that big sister was feeling better. I would think that since she isn't feeling well, it would have been just fine to have let her have the day off to just rest and recover, but I also know that those workbooks really do come in handy sometimes.
@nishdan01 (3055)
• Singapore
9 Sep 10
How old is your daughter? It is not easy to cope through your situation especially when your house is getting ready for welcoming a newborn. I understand this as I too have two young children. I would advise you to avoid things like chocolate milk and strawberry milk, if it is not prepared by you. The best thing to do is to feed natural and simple foods. I would suggest freshly squeezed orange juice or other ones prepared by you. Coconut water is also a good idea as it helps temperature to drop. It is natural and children would love to drink tender coocnut water. Plus, give her sponge bath.
@cher913 (25891)
• Canada
9 Sep 10
wow, not great timing eh? hope she feels better soonest! its tough when kids get sick and keep you up.