How long you can run?

September 9, 2010 1:31am CST
" Money is pivot & all economical activities are around cluster" i read this sentence when i was studying. i was not deeply thought about this, but now i really got this sentence meaning. I was living in rural areas, there all transitions happened without money,, like give vegetable against wheat, sugar against waste plastic ect..., i was also sold waste papers & taken apple before five to seven years ago. but now, in between five to seven years all things changed... now money is ALL, i think you can't walk one step, runing is too far to think.
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@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
9 Sep 10
You can't keep running. There comes a time when you just have to learn to except the way things are and face the consequents-es. That is all you can do. I use to be a middle class person. Did not have a lot, did not have to little. Since the Euro a lot of people in European countries have become poor. Sure the politicians say we are doing great. Yes they are! But the normal people hardly have food in the fridge. Mine is almost empty, at least I don't throw food away anymore, that is the good side. But the middle class is gone and the middle class has turned poor and the rich have gotten richer. There is only rich and poor. The jobs get paid less and the rent and food have gotten 5 times more expensive than it was before the Euro. Sure there are times when I wish I had a modern computer (This one is real old fashion, but it still works. When it does not work anymore, I won't be able to buy an other.), a modern tv! (Mine is real old, and the colours are getting ugly.)I wish I had a good stereo, so I could record the new songs I make. But I can't. That means I cannot record , that means I cannot get any further. But I have to except it.
• Bulgaria
9 Sep 10
I can't run for long,maybe 20 seconds,I'm pretty much out of shape,I only like computer running :D i run only when I have to :)