does money buy happiness?

September 11, 2010 9:47am CST
do you think money buys happiness?
7 responses
• Vietnam
12 Sep 10
It is not exactly buy happiness, but without money, you hard to find a happiness.
@zemma1992 (126)
• Portugal
11 Sep 10
yes money does by happyness
@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
11 Sep 10
Money doesn't buy happiness, but the things that make us happy.:P Of course, money is not everything, but they are very important. If we have plenty of them, we don't have to worry what we are going to eat, what clothes we are going to where, if we can pay our taxes and bills and so on. If we don't have this concerns, then we are more relaxed, can enjoy life more. It is true that we cannot buy health, but can afford special medical treatments, and maybe because of them our life will be saved. As for love, I have rarely seen couples of people who have nothing and live on the street and people who have a house, an education and decent living. So I think it has a great influence on relationships as well. So they don't buy happiness, but are very useful in achieving it.
@ruthhazel (213)
• Philippines
11 Sep 10
No, money can't buy happiness. Many people have much money but their health is not good. They have much money but their family is broken. Money is not everything. It can't buy love, friends, and happiness.
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
11 Sep 10
Somehow I believe that money can buy happiness in many ways. Without money, I don't have the chance to talk to the girl I like. Without money, I can't take the girl I like to movies, dining, and even picnic in the park. Not to mention I would want to provide her a lovely home, and worry - free environment. There is so much places in need of money. Money, money, and money...... It is not a beautiful word, but we all need it in reality.
• Indonesia
11 Sep 10
no!!!.. money can't buy a happiness and money can't buy me love..haha
• India
11 Sep 10
No. Money can never buy happiness, if that were true than all the rich people in this world would be happiest too. Think of the great golf legend, who has all the money in the rold and no wife or kids to share it with. The greatest example is midas, the man with the golden touch. He should have been the happiest person on earth.