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September 15, 2010 6:54am CST
what is true love for me? really? i admit i've been to the idealistic approach about relationships. But after a few relationships, I finally realized it isn't just a walk in the park or any other fairy tale we've all been dreaming ever since. commitment..is not just a word. It's a sentence, or an essay. the one..is someone you found and you make her your "the one". feelings..are not really to be based upon. sacrifice..is essential ** True love is a commitment, a choice, a decision. That when you found that imperfect person, you would still love her until the very end even when the time comes when you don't see any other reason to love her back. As they say, feelings are nice. But when you felt it already faded you don't have to look for it in another. It's just a course of working things out and bringing back the spice of your relationship. what if the love isn't reciprocated already? ok that's another topic. But you see, the one who's giving..trying to work it out, being a martyr and stuff.. that's true love. so.. Find someone, who sees love like you see it. who'll also make you his/her "the one".. for the singles out there..(for me!) "Let us always remember that love doesn't have to stop when relationships end. Love only stops when we refuse to believe that when we are betrayed, there will always be someone else who will choose to be faithful to us even in the midst of temptation. Someone who will never let time nor distance take away the love that we treasure and keep in our hearts.." -hannah jim david:D
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15 Sep 10
nice definition dear!!!!love is happiness to me