Bloody Bar Exams

September 27, 2010 10:43pm CST
I was sad when I hear the news on TV that a celebration of sorts for finishing the bar exams was turned into a blood bath when somebody threw a bomb amongst the revelries. Authorities have yet to verify if indeed their informant is telling the truth that this is a result of a FRATERNITY war. More than 40 people were hurt and some lose their limbs as well. They need our prayers for recovery from this trauma.
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@hushi22 (4940)
28 Sep 10
me, too. i was shocked when i heard the news. another shameful act. another bad news in the Philippines.
• Philippines
30 Sep 10
Anyways, blood donations for the victims blood transfusion needs are pouring in from concern citizens. It is really true that we help each other during times of needs. This is the positive side of being a Filipino. Rising above circumstances.