What Do You to Cheer Yourself or Others Up?

United States
October 2, 2010 10:38pm CST
How do you get into the best mood? What do you do to get positive or cheerful? Any advice or tips? Any experience? My friend and I could really use the advice. We've been tired and rather negative. I usually like to have fun with my friends or joke around. I would also hang out with my younger sister or talk to her. Since, I'm away from home I've been alone and down. Life isn't really awesome right now. Can someone help me?
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• United States
3 Oct 10
The answer is in your writing already. Laugh. Seems easier said than done but the average adult only laughs 5 times a day and a child laughs waaaay more. One of the ways I cheer myself up is just by doing something. Anything really, just something and commit to finishing it, no matter how much I complain in my head about not being able to do this. The secret is not to fear mistakes and be enthusiastic. Easier said than done right? And its always the simple things that are hardest to do I guess we're all bit retarded :) anyway, find something fun or not fun or just do something crazy (I mean out of your normal routine, not crucifying your hamster). Here's a little story to top things off. When Buddha was asked what was the biggest obstacle to enlightenment he said "Laziness". I agree completely! If you let yourself be lazy you feel bad as a result. Its instant feedback that its not what you should be doing, so don't be afraid, be enthusiastic and don't ever give up!