October 2, 2010 11:56pm CST
I had a serious conversation with my work's friend. She is a single mother and has to raise his son by herself. She is a good worker, responsible mother, but she was stress being gossiped by other people. She had been gossiped by someone, can't mention his name, it is not necessary to do, but he was not a good man to my perception. Why did he spread lies on her ? Anyway, she was really uncomfortable with herself and made her not happy at work. Finally, she is on the way deciding whether to go on with her occupation or not? Then, I went to ask her if she did the hell gossip or not, or was it true or not. She said it was out of true. I replied to assure that she didn't have to listen to what he said about you. She didn't have to get stressed because of spreading lies. If it is not true, why would she get angry and put the blame on someone stupid? Am I right ?
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
7 Oct 10
Hi. sijabatnaburjut. I don't know why. But what I do know is that, it was very wrong to spread lies that are untrue about someone else. It is just not right at all. It is very mean and hateful to do something like this. If it gets to be too much of pressure, then she may need to quit her job. Or she will need to speak with her supervisor about this. This man is really mean to spread bad lies that are untrue. He needs to fine something else productive to do than to gossip on a female.
• Indonesia
8 Oct 10
Yes, you are right. I have already reminded her in order not to think of the spread lies, i said that she had just to be focused of her and let the lies gone forever. Thank you
• Philippines
6 Oct 10
gossip! gossip! gossip! they just cant shut their mouth huh.. hmmm.. pity her.. she should not listen, about that stupid gossip whether its true or not. she know herself more than anyones else, why should she let those nothing-to-do-morons ruin her day and life. if i were in her situaion, i would rather decide to sta and compete with that jerk and pissed him more. probably he made those stupid rumors for the reason that he probably like her and unfortunately your workmate dont like him and turn him down. so what morons usually do is they get even with these people. i say, tell her to annoy that guy, and use reverse psychology on him.. that should teach him a lesson! tcare and God bless! PS, tell your workmate i said hi and tell her not to quit. sooner or later those rumour will reach its peak and soon enough people will forget about it. and quitting the job would only prove the "mean guY" right. God bless you both!^^
• Indonesia
7 Oct 10
I would deliver your messages and thank you very much for your feedback. Love to know you by mylot.
• Philippines
4 Oct 10
she should not be affected to the gossip. If it's not true then why she have to quit her job?
@kodukodu84 (1576)
• Malaysia
3 Oct 10
You are right, dear. If it wasn't true then she shouldn't put much attention on it. The man who is spreading lies about her has nothing else to do, maybe he is just that kind of man, eventually people at your work place will realise that and won't listen him gossiping anymore. Tell you friend, she must think if the man worth of her resignation if she's ever thinking of quitting the job because of this gossip man. If he doesn't worth for it, then leave it alone, let him have his moment and fame. He will stop gossiping very soon when he bites his own tongue.