When you want to insult some one but cannot use any swearwords/ cussing.

October 11, 2010 7:20pm CST
What do you say? Something general and impersonal to deal with the little jabs you get from friends or family or if there are kids around. My ex-girlfriend was deliberately trying to make me angry and she was succeeding. I wanted to call her stupid and disgusting but I also wanted to swear but my kids were present. After a bit of stammering I blurted out, "You close your lips you thick dump." She was insulted but was able to laugh about it which was good. I didn't want to really actually upset her but still make her scoff in shock from something I said. Do you have any insults that are made entirely of large words kids can't understand or ways of insulting people so that no one is too offended, but still offended?
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• Greece
12 Oct 10
I usually prefer irony and subtle insulting comments that seem acceptable to anyone present but I know that make the recipient very angry. I usually find a colorful way to exaggerate that person's "flaws" in a seemingly polite way. Ah, I can't really explain it, here's an example: I once said to a bald friend that he should use less wax because the shining blinds me. People thought I was talking about his car but he knew it was about his scalp. That's what I like doing!
12 Oct 10
I do like a subtle or suggestive sarcastic remark! lol Good one.
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• Cameroon
12 Oct 10
Oscar Wilde once said, "Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much." I think this is exactly what you should do. Sooner or later, she will give up. part 2: don't take it to heart. People can do strange things when they are angry.
12 Oct 10
True. I guess what I am asking is a little unreasonable. I want to insult the person but only to a degree. All I basically want is a good last word, nothing else. If I am not clever enough to whup up a context related zinger, I want a fall back or at least an outline of a fall back. -Thank you for your input =)