generator runs wihtout oil.

@qamarep (4449)
November 10, 2010 3:25pm CST
i have made changes in my electric generator now it runs without gas or petrol.. can i sell it to some company and make good money .. i am good in above but bad in this (i mean bad in getting money )
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• Canada
10 Nov 10
If you have actually succeeded in doing this, you need to get a patent for it, right away. If you just take it to some company, they will steal your idea and they will get rich from it instead of you. Look up the process in your country to protect your idea, then you can sell it to a company for many millions of dollars, or negotiate a percentage of every one that is sold.
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• United States
11 Nov 10
You need to patent your idea so it is protected and no one else can lay claim to it before you do. They you can sell the design and the patent to an interested company. But, if it is a really good idea you should just find someone who is willing to invest in making some of them and start marketing them and selling them. There are so many stories about people who sold their ideas for millions and later the idea turned out to be worth BILLIONS. Or even some people have sold their ideas for pretty cheap and their ideas turned out to be worth tons and tons of money. So if you modified a generator to run without gas and it is good for the environment, easy to use, cheaper or the same cost to make and run, then I say you patent your idea and find some investors so you can make the most of your idea and your work.
• India
11 Nov 10
I am finding it hard to believe that an electric generator can run without gas or petrol. You must need some kind of fuel to run it. If you are confident about your invention, then immediately apply for a patent before you show it to anyone. I do not think marketing such a thing would be difficult. In these days of energy crisis it would sell as a hot cake that could make you a billionaire. Congratulations
@fannitia (2170)
• Bulgaria
10 Nov 10
Hurry up and get a patent to secure your invention! Then you can tell us the secret, I'm curious about it. There is no danger that I could steal it - I have no car for the moment :D