warning about mega search

November 12, 2010 7:15am CST
have you suffered this pest from some time ago? Since a week or so, I have been suffering it but gave no importance. Today, it has appeared at my job, so I made some investigation and found it's like a virus, a tracker, to be more exact. It picks your info and sells to third party, and you are affected of that annoyances. I have managed to find a way to solve it. As it's not allowed to post links here, please add me and message me to receive the link to where download a small and working aplication that solves this problem... It's a bit slow working (I mean, it works slowly as the program has to check registry) but really effective. 24 computers repaired today proves it!!! hope this help us protect our privacy!
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• United States
13 Nov 10
Somteimes I see that Mega Search pop up, but I always exit out of it, I haven't had virus problems in awhile though. I always scan my computer once a week.
@IsisGreen (555)
12 Nov 10
How do you know if you have this virus on your computer? Will the standard virus checkers find it? What about anti-apyware programmes?