Just because the homework is hard, doesn't mean it is not worth doing.

November 15, 2010 9:03am CST
I am sitting with my daughter and she is complaining about her homework. It is very frustrating for me to see her struggle, but then I said to her my quote "Just because it is hard doesn't mean it is not worth doing." Then she starts to do it, but it is taking a looonnnnngggg time. How is helping your children with homework?
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• India
15 Nov 10
well home work is necessary but some schools tend to give too much homework that the student is left with little or no time for recreation. so i think let your child understand the concepts and encourage to work as much that can be done. education cannot be forced.....
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• Israel
18 Nov 10
I think that the teachers should coordinate with each other in Junior and Senior High school and make sure that the kids should have max 1 hour of homework a night and not more.
@calpro (933)
• India
15 Nov 10
Hi rachael, Home work is important but these days schools are giving too much of home work i believe.Even my wife complains about this my 4 years kid has got a lot to do every day he is back to home. She suggests me to speak to his teacher about the burden children are facing these days.He is in Upper kinder garden(UKG).We are from India,Let me know if it is the same issue globally. I think I have to speak in parents meet. Please share your Ideas. Thank you in advance.
• Philippines
16 Nov 10
Helping with homework is for me is a struggle. It is hard enough to at least try to get the child interested in the lesson/topic, much more doing some work regarding that topic. I try my best to at least encourage him and make the homework practical and interesting but my child is a master of delaying tactics and distractions. Even though it is a trial, I like to install some good habits to him, and doing homework is one of them. He needs to know to self-reliant and accept work even though it seems uninterested to him.
@shaggin (39649)
• United States
15 Nov 10
My daughter is in 1st grade. Shes very smart so her homework isnt hard for her at all. She flies through it. Thats great that although your daughters homework is very hard that she didnt give up even if she went slow she kept at it. As a kid or teenager if my homework had been hard I wouldnt have done it. Most the time I just didnt do it simply because I didnt want to.