What have you learned from watching MAGKARIBAL?

Pasay, Philippines
November 19, 2010 12:00am CST
I know it is already 2 weeks now when Magkaribal ends. However I was not able to post about the things I've learned in Magkaribal for general as I know there are so many. There is possibility that we can apply it in real life situation but others are hard to learn. Also it does not mean that when I've learned something it is always the positive or good points like for example on how to be humble but then of course we don't have to be that arrogant and of course I am not saying that I've already learned on how to be an evil . Because there are some other things that we can't be like that overnight but at least we already knew the process on how to apply our learning. So here are the things that I've learned in Magkaribal. - The usage of lines when we are making rebuttal while arguing with other people. I admit that it is effective and yet it could be more fun if we are going to do that. This is what I have learned from the tandem of Vera and Victoria. - For Gelai's part on how to fight on what you believe is right especially on how you are going to give pride to your dignity. It portrays that respect to yourself and to others is really a top priority in life. We must not controlled ourselves by the money or ruin ourselves on that object. - The revenge won't do anything good on us. Though this is the hardest part of me that I can't just leave it right away. - The world is round that goes around. We are not always on the top because anything can happen. This is really applicable to all people it can be from the low IQ, intelligent people and genius. Both rich and poor will face the challenges. - We must be creative and innovative if we are in business as we need to please our clients. Taste is also important. This is one reason why Vera couture failed. - We must be alert if we want to build up our own business especially when it comes to partnership. Specifically we must ask for the legal documents and we must know the people who signed on the contract. We should be matured and smart enough to ask the papers of the owners. Because this is what Mark Laurel did to Gelai from fooling her that it came to the point the real owner of her business is Vera. LEGAL ADVISE IS IMPORTANT!
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