Garage Sales, Saturday Sales

United States
November 20, 2010 1:14pm CST
I went to a few garage sales today and I have to say I was a bit dissapointed, things were way overcharged people asking way to much for used items and other than that there was not much out there, That made me sad!So I went to a nearby retail store where usually on Saturdays they have things out on racks in front of the store well that was not going on either I feel like I wasted my time does that ever happen to you?
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• United States
20 Nov 10
Yes, that happens a lot to me. ususally when I don't have enought time to shop that's when they have everything i want to look at. On days when i have time to shop, there is nothing I want to look at!
• United States
20 Nov 10
That is so true and when you have money there is nothing on sale and when you don't there's always something on sale!
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
22 Nov 10
It is a bit of a letdown when that happens. Sometimes I have been given money as a gift and I will head to the shops all excited only not to find anything which is really disappointing because it’s not very often that I receive cash just for myself and on those rare occasions that I could splurge there is nothing to spend my money on!