What are your views on alcohol and drugs?

United States
November 23, 2010 11:52pm CST
Personally, I think since there are age limits on alcohol, kids/teenagers rebel more to try to get a hold of alcohol because they think it is "cool". When I was a teenager, I hung out with older teenagers who by the time they turned 21, I was the younger ones so I was able to get alcohol. I took sips here and there at parties but my friends were mature, they didn't drink to the point they were drunk or anything but I knew people who did and even risked their lives just to try to be cool. If there weren't age restrictions then I believe teens and kids wouldn't think alcohol is important, for example if candy had age restrictions then people would rebel to try to buy candy, that is how it is with alcohol. Alcohol can lead to innocent ones dying, especially if they're driving drunk and this happens all the time and most likely the innocent one dies because it impacts the person the drunk driver hits then the driver.... Also if people are addicted to alcohol then it could ruin the relationship between the person. My views on drugs is that it is stupid and I don't get why people would want to do drugs, oh it relieves stress, lives rough but those are just excuses. Be mature and grow up! What are your views?
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@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
24 Nov 10
i think is wrong and a way to get away from problems, and also eventually, the problems will get uglier